Thursday, March 3, 2016

2016 and 2017 Beaver Rallies

Beaver Ambassador  2016 & 2017 Rallies 

the following maps provide information about the upcoming rallies to be held during 2016 and 2017
Click on the box to the left of “2016 BAC rallies” a menu will appear on the left side of the page.  Next, click on the bracketed box on the top right side of the map header. This will open a full screen map window
The new map has up to 6 layers, with the first layer containing the complete rally list for the remainder of the current year.  The title is “2016 Beaver Ambassador rally list”  the initial display shows the first four rallies (A-D) followed by the words … 21 more. Click on “ … 21 more” to see all entries. The entries in the first layer are balloons with a sequences of both letters and colors. Entries in the rally list layer each contain more detail about the specific rallies. If you mouse click on an individual rally balloon the following will be displayed:
  •         Date range which identifies the first and last day of the rally
  •         Region where the rally is to be held
  •         Name of the rally
  •         Location – may be a city, town or campground address
  •         Rally Masters
  •         Opening – identifies the # of remaining openings or # on a wait list
  •         Notes
  •         Web Page –  link to more detailed information about the specific rally 
  •         Latitude & Longitude – the location information provided by the individual rally master

If you uncheck the box to the left of “2016 Beaver Ambassador rally list”  in the full screen display the balloons will all disappear. The subsequent layers with a sequence of letters in blue circles show how groups of rallies are linked both chronologically and geographically to one another. When rolling rallies/ caravans are held each stop in the rolling rally will be identified with a unique map layer.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Rally History

Beaver Ambassador  Rally History 2011 - 2015

This is a rally history page that shows where rallies have been held year over year. The following rally history maps cover rallies from 2011 thru 2015.

 Rally markers (colored balloons) are shown in chronological sequence of colors and letters in each of the maps below. Rolling Rallies (Blue circles) are connected with blue lines and a separate sequence of letters.
  • To see a larger version of a map click on the square bracket in the upper right corner of the map header. 
  • The Rally legend can be selected by clicking on the box in the upper  left corner of the map header
  • Click on any balloon to see details about that particular rally (Name, Dates, Region, Location, Rally Masters, and associated rally photo's
This may prove to be useful for anyone wondering about the rallies held in the past, or thinking about hosting a rally and wondering if it has been done before. Once 2016, is complete it will be added to the History Page.


Total Rallies = 30, with 4 rolling rallies. Total Rally days = 177


Total Rallies = 20, with 2 rolling rallies. Total Rally days = 108


Total Rallies = 22, with 2 rolling rallies. Total Rally days = 125


Total Rallies = 23, with 4 rolling rallies. Total Rally days = 161


Total Rallies = 21, with 5 rolling rallies. Total Rally days = 142